Maurice Chappaz – Répons aux morts-nés


– Et la vie ? – Ah ! la vie !
Une ardente absence,
un charme absurde.
La neige comme une absolution.
– Tu aimes le soleil ?
– La plus grande merveille est la nuit.

Ne vous résignez pas !
Vous devez connaître votre prison,
vous entrerez dans la chambre nuptiale.
Soyez purs, blancs comme les marguerites.


Maurice Chappaz (Lausanne, Suisse 1916-2009)Office des morts (Cahiers de la Renaissance vaudoise, 1966)

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Hermann Hesse on Solitude

When destiny comes to a man from outside, it lays him low, just as an arrow lays a deer low. When destiny comes to a man from within, from his innermost being, it makes him strong, it makes him into a god… A man who has recognized his destiny never tries to change it. The endeavor to change destiny is a childish pursuit that makes men quarrel and kill one another… All sorrow, poison, and death are alien, imposed destiny. But every true act, everything that is good and joyful and fruitful on earth, is lived destiny, destiny that has become self.

Blessed be he who has found his solitude, not the solitude pictured in painting or poetry, but his own, unique, predestined solitude. Blessed be he who knows how to suffer! Blessed be he who bears the magic stone in his heart. To him comes destiny, from him comes authentic action.

In each one of you there is a hidden being, still in the deep sleep of childhood. Bring it to life! In each one of you there is a call, a will, an impulse of nature, an impulse toward the future, the new, the higher. Let it mature, let it resound, nurture it! Your future is not this or that; it is not money or power, it is not wisdom or success at your trade — your future, your hard dangerous path is this: to mature and to find God in yourselves.

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