Ambient in my Library #19 – Ancient german-orthodox prayer / Patrick Lenk

2h Divine Mystical Chant: We Have Seen The True Light – Cosmic Harmony – Nature Tones – Meditation

This ancient german-orthodox prayer is part of the christian orthodox liturgy and composed in a special music style, that goes back to Pythagoras. It’s called “nature tone singing”, which means that it only uses harmonies consisting of the natural overtone-series of the vibrating bass note. It may be composed from monks of the german-orthodox monastery in Buchenhagen / Germany (not 100% sure).

Pythagoras was showing, that if you divide a string into certain mathematical sections, different tones start to sound. At the same time, every tone creates a series of natural tones which vibrate in harmony with this bass string, once it’s plugged.

These so called “overtones” create the specific color of the sound (voice, guitar, water etc.). If you create now chords, that only use the naturally appearing tones of the bass note, you step into the natural harmony of the fundamental tone.

Using exactly that approach, this chant style is in strong alignment with the Harmonies of the Cosmos.

The composing style of the Chant is done on purpose, to create music which lets people vibrate in harmony with nature and the universe.

Singer and Instrumental Music: Patrick Lenk


Wir haben das wahre Licht gesehen
Geist vom Himmel empfangen
Den wahren Glauben gefunden
Die wesenseine Dreiheit beten wir an
Denn sie hat uns erlöst.

We have seen the true Light
Received Spirit from Heaven
Found True Faith
We pray to the constubstantial Trinity
Because the triune God redeemed us.

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